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The new model of the shoe organizer PRO shoe with ventilation is made of high -quality Oxford material with dense PVC film, which is made for shoes, the new model of the Shoes Organizer Pro organizer is high sewing from the previous model.

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Organizer shoes are useful to those who like to buy a lot of shoes. And each of us knows how difficult it is to find a place for its storage. Schoes Organizer shoe organizer

carefully preserve your shoes
Storage of shoes is an eternal problem. To find the desired pair, you usually have to turn all the boxes. With the help of Shoes Organizer, your shoes will be reliably protected from dust and moisture and is always available. The shoe organizer is so compact that it will easily fit under the bed or in the closet.

Reliable barrier for dust and moisture
The Ander Shuz is made of high -quality breathing material. The protective casing with a zipper will save shoes from dust and moisture. In addition, you will always see where the couple you need. In it you can store any shoes that are expensive or not very. Agree, shoes, reliably protected from dust, will last you longer than shoes scattered throughout the apartment.

Large capacity and unsurpassed compactness
There are 12 pairs of shoes in each organizer. Think about how much space 12 boxes would take, if you didn’t have Shoes Organizer. If you want, throw out the freed boxes or use them to store other items. Shoes Organizer is suitable for any room and liberates the space.

Orinizer size 75*60*16

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