Protection for the back of the seat + an organizer for a car, 1 pocket under the lock, red



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Protection for the back of the seat + organizer for the car, 1 pocket for the lock, red < /Strong>

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All drivers know how important it is to maintain cleanliness and order inside the car. Not only a comfortable stay in the cabin, but also safety during movement depends on this. Any subject that falls by the arm can cause an accident in which other road users will suffer. Our organizer at the car seat will help everyone to cope with the task.

The advantages of the model

There are many varieties of car accessories designed to preserve order in the cabin. But to buy the organizer, which we presented, pushing its advantages, in a profitable light distinguishing it:

  • Compact dimensions-in an incomplete form, the car bag takes up very little space and does not constrain passengers from behind.
  • Mobility-roll it and store it in the trunk or glove compartment, and if necessary, install it again. < /li>
  • Wonderful-resistant manufacturing material will allow you to clean the headset and fill it with massive objects.
  • One big pocket under the castle, suitable for documents, tablets, laptops, for coloring and other large objects. << BR>
  • Another feature is the presented organizer-He will be able to protect the back of the muddy legs of restless children < /span>

    Product Sizes: 61.5*41 cm


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