Luminous Bobo Bobo Bobo Christmas tree



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luminous Led Bobo Bobo Bobo Christmas tree

1. A ball of 18 inches (about 49 cm in an inflated state)
2. A stick with a holder 70 cm long
3. LED garland 3 meters long with a block
for 3 AA batteries and a switch (burns, flashes, off)

LED luminous ball Bobo Led Shar Hit 2018 !!!
goods for those who are trading on the streets! Where there is a lot of cross -country ability – there are large BOBO sales. Fountains, parks, squares and other places.

Buyers: adults and children
Retail trade brings from 300% of profit! Recommended retail price 300 rubles.
Free delivery of Bobo balls to any city in Russia when ordering over 500 balls!

Bobo’s luminous ball is easy to use, gathered in a few minutes

LED tape has 3 glow modes that switch the button on the handle.

The transparent ball is very durable and reusable.
The ball holds air about 1 -We month
without problems inflated by a conventional manual pump ..


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