LED LED garland mesh 2*2 m. Green glow



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LED LED garland net 2*2 m. Green glow

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LED mesh-designed to decorate ceilings, windows, Christmas trees and any objects. The shape of the garland resembles a fishing network, consists of horizontal and vertical threads intertwined together, LEDs are located in the intersection. A special design of garlands and flexibility of the wires allows you to decorate complex, voluminous objects: bushes, columns, statues. For convenience, the garland is equipped with a connecting connector for connecting additional modules. You can choose the flickering mode of the LED grid using the controller, it supports 8 programs, this makes it possible to choose the optimal effect under your mood. The diode lamps are bright, high-quality, high-average service life, low operating voltage makes them completely safe.

The size of the light network is 2×2 meters, the number of LEDs 120 pcs.


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