Inflatable sled tubing/fuet “Blizzard” diameter 80 cm. Bystrik


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inflatable sled tubing/fuel cheese “Blizzard” diameter 80 cm. Bystrika

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product certified and produced by the Russian company Bystrika

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diameter 80 cm. Tarpatically growth up to 135 cm.

inflatable tutorials are produced in Russia from high-strength awn pvc fabrics (Korea manufacturer) with a glossy surface of increased slippery. The fabric is reinforced with lavsan thread (weaving of threads 8*8 per 1 cm²), which is not subject to decay in a humid environment. The seams in important places are reinforced with a nylon ribbon.

The compartment with the camera is fastened with a zipper from the side in the seating, and not in the middle like many, thanks to this location of lightning, it will not be dispersed under the load.

inflatable sled bags made of imported, reinforced PVC. There are four handles on the sled, allowing you to firmly and reliably fix on the projectile, and there is a towing rope

this model of sankens (tubing ) You can use it not only for loose snow and solid ice, but also in wet snow during a thaw without sticking on the bottom of the sled. In the summer, cheesecakes can be used as a swimming product
temperature mode of operation: from +70 ° C to –45 ° C.
Diameter of sledges (tubing): 90 cm with a camera R-13, 100 cm with a camera R- 14, 110 cm with a camera R-15.

Buy the chamber, it is less than the diameter of the tubing, it is pushed out and takes the form of tubing if you acquire more recommended sizes or in diameter of tubing, then when pumping up you will not wilted with a beautiful and even shape of the tubing and it will be tough!

Warranty period of 6 months


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