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inflatable chair-lamp with Lamzac Russia Black < /span>

packaging with translation: yes
instruction with translation : yes

Attention !!!

Our Lamzaki are made From durable material in Russia there is a corresponding certificate of identical to the Dutch!

Do not compare with the Chinese fake!

Comfort wherever you want!

Lamzac (Lamzak)-a unique, innovative and very simple folding supernovinka, pocket-pocket-melon chair that can be taken on a hike, to the beach, to the Open Eir Or just use in a summer cottage or at home. In the unfolded form, the chair has dimensions of 100x70cm, so that it can be accommodated with great comfort!

It fits in a bag!

It is very easy to use, and for installation it does not require any tools, skills or skills. I just need air. In a folded state, this device takes only 18x35cm, which is comparable to a very small backpack.

unfolds in 14 seconds!

In order to start using the chair for its intended purpose, it is enough to open the valve for filling with air, wave a couple of times with an armchair in the air, bend the valve and wrap to create normal pressure. By the way, the pressure can be adjusted and the chair is softer or tougher. The chair withstands up to 200 kg and can be used on any surface

The difference between the lames of production Russia and the Chinese Lamzak

  • there is a certificate of conformity confirming the origin
  • made of quality material, is not afraid of scuffs, will not cut off about the grass
  • Two compartments are inflated in the lames of the Netherlands, and not one as in Chinese
  • puffs a lamock in 14 seconds
  • with assembled a lamp less than Chinese
  • there are two pockets for the phone and tablet
  • has a loop to fix the umbrella or peg
  • A strong lock that will not break after several applications
  • can be washed in a washing machine
  • Waterproof material
  • External and internal material of increased strength
  • The air valve is sewn with an additional layer for greater strength
  • holds air 1.5 times longer
  • the material does not have an unpleasant odor
  • The availability of operating instructions in Russian


weight (with a bag): 1 kg
folded: 18 x 35 cm
in decomposed form: 100 x 70 cm
maximum Hold weight: 200 kg


bag for carrying
inflatable sunbed instruction in Russian


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