Holder/Climber for the head of the child in the car seat of Autoniani Zoo



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Holder/Climber for the child’s head in the car seat of the zoo
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beware of Chinese fakes that are 20-30 rubles. Cheaper, do not save that money on your children. Chinese sizes are narrow and in length shorter because of which they absolutely do not create any fixation of the head, the material of the Chinese manufacture, the quality of the tailoring is terrible! They have no certificates! Autonian Development and manufacturing of the company Zed29, if you are offered by holders, issuing China for Autonian, make us a request and we will answer our partner who really sells autonias or scammers who also use our photos! < /Strong>

The product is certified!

When the child is in the car, the main thing is his safety. Special car chairs for children, of course, provide the necessary level of protection, but are not always convenient. In the presence of a backfire for the head, the child will be much more comfortable and safer in the car seat.

What is it? Color: #333333; Font-Family: Arial, Sans-Serif; Font-Size: 12px; font-style: normal; Font-Variant-Caps: Normal; font-weight: normal; Letter-Spacing: Normal; Orphans: Auto; Text-align: Start; Text-indent: 0px; TEXT-TRANSFORM: None; White-Space: Normal; Widows: Auto; Word-Spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-size-djust: auto; -Webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; Text-Deceration: None; “> The fact that the presence of a children’s chair in a car is not just a duty, but the need for personal calm and security of the child has already understood for a long time. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of options that are convenient for children. The only negative is that sometimes during long trips the kids are so tired that they are drawn to sleep. At that moment, his head tends to the side or falls forward. It is inconvenient and even dangerous to sleep in this position, because irreparable can happen with sharp braking .

Our company did not disregard the children’s head fixer in the car removal in the car remnants .

Autonomous To the headrest of the chair itself with wide elastic bands, and the soft cotton bandage holds the baby in the forehead.

Autonian will look after your child while you are driving!

produced in Russia!

only Russian cotton fabrics 100% and comprehensive Russian-made Russian fabrics And safe for health!