Hat of the hairdryer for lamination, treatment, laying and drying of hair Hair Drying Cap Pink



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a hairdryer for lamination, treatment, styling and drying hair Hair Drying Cap pink

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This is just a find for drying hair. It is attached to any hair dryer with an elastic band. It is dressed on the head like a hood. The nozzle allows you to even warm the hair during hair lamin, the procedure for hot oil, applying any. Nutrient hair masks, replacing dryer or climate at home. It is perfect for drying hair wound on curlers. Just put on a hawap nozzle on a hair dryer and through a special proboscis when the hairdryer is turned on, the cap itself must be put on the head, preliminarily Wearing a laminate on the hair, a plastic hat on a laminate. This is necessary to avoid drying lamination when heated. With the help of nozzles, hair will warm up evenly, as he warms up under the climate in a beauty salon. Heat improves blood circulation, thereby Contributing to the improvement of hair resistance and their quality, it helps to deliver elements contained in hair care products to the roots. The hair and scalp warmed up by rays and thermal influences, trigger processes – the production of collagen and other natural substances that are responsible for the health and youth of the tissues.
Attention! Do not make a hair dryer too hot! Warm air should not cause absolutely no discomfort to the scalp!

The hat is made of nylon, which allows warm air to be distributed evenly, creating the necessary temperature for the efficient use of cosmetic products for hair care.


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