Drywall for vegetables and fruits Powerful crop, 55×85 cm., Chamomile



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Drywall for vegetables and fruits powerful crop, 55×85 cm, chamomile

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production of Korea!

Differences from round dryers:

-in electricity consumption,

vegetables and fruits dryer powerful crop – a convenient and practical model which is suitable for drying vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, herbs, bread.

Dried fruits and vegetables are very useful and should be included in the diet of each person, because they retain vitamins and nutrients for the whole year. Dried products can be stored for a long time and used for the manufacture of various dishes: jelly, compotes, soups, etc. Using this equipment, you will have the opportunity to prepare dried fruits and vegetables yourself, at home, controlling the quality of the product used, thereby guaranteeing the quality and benefits of food consumed.

reliable and high-quality dryer powerful crop is easy to operate and will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for any housewife who care about her health and health of the whole family.

the dryer works on electricity 220 centuries. Power consumption is 30 W dimensions: 55×60 cm


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