Children’s waterproof jumpsuit waterproof matrix all sizes



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Children’s waterproof overalls waterproof matrix all sizes

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Children’s overalls of a waterproof for all seasons. The overalls can be used as a means of protection against moisture and dirt in summer, spring and autumn. It can be worn on outerwear or worn like a raincoat. The reflective elements on the sleeves and trousers will make a walk of your baby safer. The jumpsuit is made of dense fabric with a membrane without lining, it is easily erased and dries instantly. A beautiful rich color gives the product a bright elegant look.

Combines from dense fabric with water-repellent impregnation, but “breathing” due to the membrane. Protect your baby’s clothes from dirt and excess moisture. The jumpsuit has a free cut, so it is perfectly worn over the main clothing.

dense tissue with water-pushing impregnation. Without a lining.
The jumpsuit has a free cut, so it is perfectly worn over outerwear and protects it from dirt and water.
On the hands and legs of the elastic band for a dense fit. Sutures are very high.
All pollutions are easily removed with wet with a sponge, stream of water, or are erased in a soap solution of not higher than 30 degrees.
it will be convenient for you to take a “waterproof” with you to all kinds case, since overalls takes up very little space.


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