Bag-river for toys toy bag diameter 150 cm cent. blue-red



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a bag for toys Toy BAG diameter 150 cm col.

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A bag-bag is a very convenient and quick way to clean the toys.

How many times are we encountered, that the next machine, designer or part of the toy pierced your leg?

How to teach the baby to put toys in one place?

You are tired of collecting toys, designer and small details of games after the children played played up and went to bed?

Car bag can be used at home, away, in nature-wherever you and the child and where the child wants to play!

The rug-mezzing is almost a brutal and practically does not take up space.

Made from a durable light and water-repellent material and will last a long and correctly.

let the kids play on the rug, and when the time comes to clean, just tighten the edges of the bag, remove it in the closet.

There are 2 sizes.


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