Auto Polyv-25 drip automatic watering system 25 meters per 50 m beds



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Automatic vehicle “Auto irrigation” 25 meters per 50 m of beds

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The driving force of irrigation is water that comes from a certain source (pump, a barrel of water located on a elevation). From the source, water enters the closed system of pipes, then passes along a drip tape and poured through microcapels. Distilled water polling through microcapels is 1.6-2 liters per hour. Water enters continuously, at one point, in the form of drops.

The drip irrigation of car watering is used by the SD-Tape drip, an innovative drip tape with the most advanced labyrinth channel in the market: maximum uniformity of pouring and stability To clogging. The labyrinth channel sets a new stability standard for clogging.

drip irrigation of car watering based on a drip tape up to 50 m of beds, is everything necessary for the drip irrigation device up to 50 meters of beds. It is specially adapted for styling in summer greenhouse. It can be used in open and closed soil. Drip irrigation consists of accessories and drip tape. Special accessories of the drip irrigation system (drip irrigation) are considered one of the main components of irrigation type structure. Furniture means: a tap for a hose, tees for the orphanage, plugs for the tape, a plug for a hose and repair fitting. The final element of the drip irrigation system is the emitter ribbon for drip irrigation. The drip of the emitter type is made in the form of thin -walled hollow tubes with built -in droppers located along the entire surface of the tape with a step of 30 cm. Light -stabilizing additives used in the tape protect it not only from ultraviolet radiation, but also make pesticides resistant to the chemical effect of it and various fertilizers used in the process of growing plants, which increase its life. The tape is made only from primary materials used in products in contact with food.

1. Basal, uniform watering of plants. Water is supplied to a limited soil volume, where there is a root system of plants. And also watering avoids burns of leaves and the formation of crust on the surface of the soil.
2. Saving water. With manual watering, water follows the irrigated areas. And the droppers in the tape provide water supply 1.6/ 2.0 liters per hour.
3. Saving your own time. The exclusion of daily physical labor to watering the garden. If earlier you spent 1-1.5 hours on watering, now you just need to turn the tap for supplying water to the system at a certain time.
4. Reducing soil clogging. Due to the partial moisture of the Earth, the germination, the development of weeds.
5 is significantly reduced. Increase in the quality and quantity of the crop. All of the above factors affect the quality and quantity of the crop, as well as together with water, you can organize fertilizers supply throughout the spread of distribution.


car watering -25
– drip tape- 25 m
– crane- 1 pc < BR> – a tee for the tape- 2 pcs
– a plug for the tape- 3 pcs < /span>
– repair fitting- 1 pcs
– angular connector- 1 pcs

car watering -50
– drip tape- 50 m
– crane- 1 pcs
– tee for the tape- 3 pcs
– a plug for the tape- 4 pcs
– repair fitting – 1 pc
– corner connector – 1 pc

car watering -75
– drip tape- 75 m
– crane- 1 pc
– tee for the tape- 4 pcs
– a tape for the ribbon- 5 pcs
– repair fitting – 1 pc
– corner connector – 1 pc

car watering -100
– Capilular tape- 100 m
– Kran- 1 pcs
– tee for tape- 5 pcs
– a plug for the tape- 6 pcs
– repair fitting- 1 pc
– angular connector- 1 pcs


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