Apron with overturners for a child 2-8 years old Farm



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an apron for a child of 2-8 years old farm

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The apron is very useful for children during home trouble, as well as in labor lessons or fine art. He will reliably protect clothes from pollution, preserving it clean and neat. To create real masterpieces in creativity lessons is much more fun, if you do not need to think about the cleanliness of clothes. Thanks to the convenient cover of the apron, the child can put it on his own and remove it. The ribbons allow you to tie an apron around the waist.

Two spacious pockets are located in front, in which it is possible to put the necessary items for work. 2 sleeves are attached to the kit that help not to stain their sleeves, the overshielders are complemented by elastic bands.

The product is made of light-resistant, wear-resistant fabric, so it will serve for a very long time.

apron: height 50 cm, width 38 cm.

sleeves: 25*13 cm


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